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  • Findababysitter.com: How does it work?

Tips on hiring & paying your childminder
  • Nanny basics, Nanny duties, and Nanny costs
  • Housekeeper and Nanny Housekeeper duties and costs
  • Special Needs Childcare
  • After School Nannies and After School childcare options
  • Babysitter basics, Babysitter duties, and Babysitter salary
  • Au Pair basics, Au Pair duties and Au Pair wages
  • Holiday Childcare Options for Working Parents
  • Advice for parents looking for local Childminders
  • Interview Tips for Parents - Hiring a Childcare Professional
  • How much does childcare cost?
  • Interview Tips for Childcare Professionals
  • Types of Childcare
  • After School Nanny London
  • Childcare Costs
  • Expert interview tips from London Nanny Agency Director
  • Live in Nanny in London
Sample contract for employers
  • Use our free contract!
DBS Check
  • DBS (formerly CRB) and Police Checks
Nanny Share
  • What is a Nanny share?
Childcare Vouchers & Working Tax Credits
  • What are childcare vouchers and working tax credits, and do I qualify?
Childcare courses
  • Childcare Qualifications
CV example
  • Sample CV for a Nanny or Babysitter
  • CV Help Centre
DBS Check application process
  • How do I apply for a DBS (CRB) Check?
Ofsted registration
  • What is Ofsted?
  • How it works for Childcare Professional
Customer Reviews & Press clippings
  • How does Findababysitter.com work?
  • How it works for Parents