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  • Reviewed by Anonymous. on 2013 Aug 11
    "I am a nanny and have found the most amazing family that I will be working with. I am so grateful , and she actually found me through the site. AMAZING Success!!!"
  • Reviewed by Maria B. on 2013 Apr 29
    "My name is Maria Bravo, 36 years old, I am Brazilian, married and I moved to London 2 months and fifteen days ago. At first I felt afraid to move to London because my English is not perfect I studied only for one year in Spain where we lived for two years. But when I got in London I simply fell in love for this beautiful city :) I always loved children, and one day I think to my self: I should look for a job as a nanny, childminding, cleaner. I spent two years in Spain in a small city where there weren't nothing to do, as a housewife. I've found your website on internet a month ago. Your website is simply wonderful, in one month after register here I had two interviews and I got the jobs. I loved this website because it is clear, people can find a lot of information about childcare, advice for interviews, courses. etc. I've found two part-times through your website, I am very happy :) I had an interview 3 weeks ago and I am working since 2 weeks ago, I am a childmind, I look after a five years old boy (after school club), his father is single and he is a very good person, polite, formal, respectful. The child is a good boy, clever, behave, we play together every day, I prepare his snack, organize his clothes, etc . I work there from Monday to Friday and apart of this I've found other little part-time only once a week. I clean and cook for a father and son, they are very nice people, I also found them in your website. Next month I will have a course with you (Pediatric First Aid) on 4th of May, because I would like to get qualifications for my future working as a nanny. :) Thank you very much."
  • Reviewed by Emma K. on 2013 Jan 25
    "I found this website really easy and accessible to use. I uploaded a profile and received lots of replies to my advert - far more than on other sites where you can register for free, like Gumtree. The people that contact you are genuinely interested in hearing about you, and you don't get any time-wasters. I'm now babysitting for one family and doing after-school care for another, and both families are really lovely, so I'm very happy that I used the site."
  • Reviewed by Vicky E. on 2013 Jan 16
    "A sudden job opportunity caused us some worries about after school child (and dog) care. Find a was just the right tool to locate some local childminders. The service was easy to use, and we were able to get a great childminder in just one week. Would recommend!"
  • Reviewed by Anonymous. on 2013 Jan 03
    "I have used the site to find someone to provide regular, part-time after-school care for my son. I found a lovely, well-qualified girl who was free on the days we needed. When she went to college, I rejoined the site and found another, equally lovely, girl. The charges are very fair and I like that I can pay for the time I need while recruiting, and not be tied in to a yearly contract. I have recommended the site to several friends!"
  • Reviewed by Katie Louise T. on 2012 Nov 12
    "I Have Been Able To Get A Few Jobs And So Have Been Able To earn Quite Abit Of Money."
  • Reviewed by Rebecca P. on 2012 Oct 22
    "Having placed our advertisement for a live out Nanny on several websites this is the only service that has actually produced results. Almost immediately we were receiving messages from good quality candidates and we have been able to fill the position within a couple of weeks of advertising. We are extremely pleased with our new nanny, thank you for providing such an effective service."
  • Reviewed by Ugo G. on 2012 Oct 22
    "I found the services offer truly excellent and I recommend to everyone the professionalism of findababysitter"
  • Reviewed by Mrs S. on 2012 Oct 10
    "I just wanted to let you know that I have used two times since my son has been born and we found two very great nannies and babysitters for him during this time. Many thanks for your help. I have recommended this site to many of my friends and I am sure I come back to you again at a different point in the future. Many thanks for your help Sylvene P"
  • Reviewed by Emma M. on 2012 Sep 19
    "I initially came to the site looking for a baby sitter & ended up with a live-in nanny - And an Italian one at that. We have found an absolutely fantastic girl who suits our family perfectly. Very very happy and pleased I have my life back!"
  • Reviewed by Lorena V. on 2012 Sep 10
    "I have been using your website since last year and I must say I found it fabulous. Recently, I found a great job as a nanny through your website and I love it."
  • Reviewed by Karyn M. on 2012 Jul 27
    "I have found an excellent nanny through you who is working out really well. I will recommend the site to friends looking for childcare. "
  • Reviewed by Anonymous. on 2012 Jul 16
    "I have used the web site and found it very useful. The ease of use and the regular updates you provide are excellent and really helpful, especially when you are looking for a baby sitter in a very quick time. Kate our baby sitter has been an absolute star and we are so pleased with the service we received."
  • Reviewed by Julieta G. on 2012 Jul 13
    "Hi there I signed up in FAB as I wanted to find serious parents looking for childminding and although I have found all parents around here are lovely I was lucky to find a lovely couple with a super cute little girl aged one and the mum is from L.A. but her parents are Mexican and since I'm Mexican it's been very nice having the chance to talk about similar cultures and even know the same lullabies in Spanish!! It's brought more back memories of my country and my traditions and she got the plus of me teaching her little one some Spanish. Thank you FAB you are fab!! ;) Julieta GC *"
  • Reviewed by Meriam T. on 2012 Jun 28
    "What a fantastic service! I will definitely recommend your site to my friends. Your costumer service is top notch!"
  • Reviewed by Cat W. on 2012 Jun 25
    "I'd just like to let you know that i've managed to get a job working as a nanny and I would like to thank you for all your help and support! You are a great and friendly team!"
  • Reviewed by Lucinda D. on 2012 Jun 20
    "I have found an amazing nanny via your website and feel very lucky!"
  • Reviewed by Marcia M. on 2012 Jun 19
    "Thank you so much for being a great website, I found a great girl to look after my angels. "
  • Reviewed by Claire J. on 2012 May 15
    "I will just say that the service has worked fantastically for me and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend you!"
  • Reviewed by Anonymous. on 2012 Feb 21
    "Thanks for your service, will definitely recommend you. "
  • Reviewed by Jillaine S. on 2012 Feb 01
    "We found a terrific mother's help on - after 7 months with us she has just had to return to Spain for personal reasons and we were all so sad to see her go - she was part of the family! "
  • Reviewed by Andrea M. on 2012 Jan 10
    "I have found this website very useful and a great way to find the right childcare. Fantastic! Thanks again for a great service. I have already recommended you to my friends. "
  • Reviewed by Anonymous. on 2011 Dec 31
    "I have found a very reliable babysitter through this site and i am very happy! Thanks!"
  • Reviewed by Susan J. on 2011 Oct 26
    "Thank you so much. Your website has been wonderfully helpful- and I appreciate the prompt customer support."
  • Reviewed by Anonymous. on 2011 Oct 05
    "Find a Babysitter site found me a superb babysitter. I was surprised at how many responses I received despite my awkward demands for the hours required for sitting. I found, interviewed and started my sitter within 2 weeks of advertising. She is very helpful, has a 'can do' attitude, and so far has been reliable and organised. I will definately be using this site again for my future childcare needs. Thanks Find a Babysitter. com"
  • Reviewed by susan a. on 2011 Oct 03
    "I am a GP in a 5 partner practice I am evangelical about FAB and have been lucky enough to employ some fantastic people .I have recommended FAB to many people who now use you . The model really works . "
  • Reviewed by Liz H. on 2011 Aug 16
    "My thanks to FAB for sourcing our fabulous new nanny :-)"
  • Reviewed by Lucilla P. on 2011 Jun 08
    "I love - I was in real trouble and had to go into hospital for major spinal surgery and needed somebody reliable, honest, flexible and fun for my 2 children aged 5 and 6 - I found the perfect person thanks to Find a Babysitter. When I had to spend an extra week in hospital so was not at home during half term, Kelly (found on the website) took the kids out and about for me completely off her own initiative and she is only 18 - I am so very impressed with the website and whilst I was very nervous about using a website to find someone for my kids I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it to all the other mums at the school the kids go to and to anyone else who is looking for a babysitter - I have even posted a comment about the website on my Facebook page 0 something I wouldn't normally do. All I can say is thank you so much for helping me out at a very difficult time for me, you are brilliant!"
  • Reviewed by @Kidfriendly_uk (. on 2011 May 20
    "We looooooove those lovely folks over at FindABabysitter and you will too - #FF @fabhq"
  • Reviewed by Anonymous. on 2011 May 18
    "Am browsing @fabhq for babysitters.. Am liking the easy to use layout of the website! :)"
  • Reviewed by Anonymous. on 2011 May 03
    "Very easy to use site, and by following the safety tips and (common sense of course) we have found an excellent baby sitter. Excellent value for money, and would definitely recommend to friends, and then guess what - we can go out socially again with those friends instead of having them as our baby sitters !!! Most importantly the children are very happy and comfortable with the person we have selected. Thank you."
  • Reviewed by Anonymous. on 2011 May 03
    "I found it easy to register and search. You get what you are looking for as all exact information is available. It is safe and very convenient. Thanks "
  • Reviewed by Anonymous. on 2011 Apr 24
    "Thanks so much, we have found the perfect nanny. We will tell all of our friends! :)"
  • Reviewed by Julie W. on 2011 Feb 17
    "All the nanny agencies I called in London were vastly expensive and not sure they could find me what I was looking for. however, proves them wrong! I had at least 15 responses to my job advert, and have found just the right person for the job! Next time, I know exactly where to come and I'm recommending you to all my friends! Many thanks! Julie"
  • Reviewed by rebekah m. on 2011 Feb 17
    "We found a great babysitter on! So thanks again to FAB for letting us remember how we are and what we are about. Thanks xx"
  • Reviewed by Vanessa C. on 2011 Feb 14
    "Wow! I was so surprised by the quality of candidate who applied for my position. Everyone was wonderful and so professional. Thank you for providing such a fantastic service!"
  • Reviewed by Sandra S. on 2011 Feb 03
    "We found a fantastic babysitter through Thanks for your help! Great site."
  • Reviewed by sarah h. on 2011 Jan 12
    "I think is very good and i will continue to use it to find childcare!"
  • Reviewed by Beata S. on 2011 Jan 12
    " helped me to find a nanny job. Thanks!"
  • Reviewed by grazia s. on 2011 Jan 08
    "Hi, when I started using I found it very straightforward, I did open an account and start working with it straight away. I am about to register with OFSTED and the website is a fantastic opportunity to find the best Nanny job for me. Kind Regards Grazia"
  • Reviewed by Lindsay F. on 2011 Jan 08
    "I've used 4 times to recruit nannies. Always been really easy and cheap. Had great nannies - (been short term because of where we live i n the centre of town (we tend to employ people on gap years coming to learn English, generally professional people - journalist, child psychologist, architect) so they only stay a year or so. Having said that they are not specialist childcarers, they had all had significant experience of childcare in the past and we have had no problems with any of them. In fact the children LOVED them all. They have all been great fun and very responsible, reliable people."
  • Reviewed by Caroline B. on 2011 Jan 07
    "I joined findababysitter a couple of years ago and found three great families to babysit for regularly. I was really pleased and am now looking to fill my childminding space!"
  • Reviewed by Philippa P. on 2011 Jan 07
    "I am young and feel safe using this website. Thank you for helping me get started on my career."
  • Reviewed by Hajara K. on 2011 Jan 07
    " is fantastic. I have been getting a lot of people contacting me for childcare but unfortunately I have got limited time to accommodate all of them. All in all it is brilliant. They keep you updated all the time and they maintain confidentialiality. ."
  • Reviewed by Jade S. on 2011 Jan 07
    "I was fortunate to have someone call me and ask me to babysit. This was amazing as it helped my degree marks become better!! x"
  • Reviewed by Aisling H. on 2011 Jan 06
    "I have been very fortunate to get some great work with a lovely family just 10 minutes from my house! It pays well, the kids are great, and I work hours that suit me! Thank you Findababysitter! "