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Housekeeper - Knightsbridge, London

Knightsbridge, London

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Job overview

Date added
Childcare wanted
Au Pair
Knightsbridge, London
2 years
Age Groups
5 Years +

What I need

Live-in housekeeper (with some child-care duties) needed, to include help getting 8 year old twins ready for school and with breakfast, afterwards cleaning the house and doing the laundry. This usually is finished before noon. The children come back home between 5-6.30 pm and again need assistance with dinner, shower, making sure they sit down to do their homework and getting ready for bed. There is no school run involved as I take them, but driving would be a plus. There is no heavy shopping (I order it online every week) but you'd have to keep an eye on the essentials to make sure we are not running out. There is also no elaborate cooking as the children eat food that is simply prepared. Looking for someone who is able to work independently and can make sure that the household is organized and the childrens' uniforms, bags, etc are all in order. I have an older son who will be coming home every 3 week-ends and we will sometimes be going to the countryside on week-ends so would need flexibility to work those week-ends. Also must be able to clean and do ironing to a good standard (I am not interested in teaching somebody from scratch, so previous experience necessary) as the child-care portion of the job is less than an hour in the morning and a few hours in the afternoon/evening. Must be self-motivated and have checkable references, be able to be firm but friendly with the children and generally have experience of running a household which includes being able to organize cupboards, shopping lists, uniforms etc and use appliances correctly. Please send your CV or information about yourself if you are interested.