What is Ofsted?

Ofsted is a government department which inspects and regulates the children and young people education and care sectors. They aim to achieve excellence in the care of children and young people, and in education and skills for learners of all ages.

Like schools and nurseries, caregivers such as Nannies and Childminders can be registered with Ofsted. Many Childcare Professionals on are registered with Ofsted and you will see this on their profile.

Childcare Vouchers

Childcare vouchers recieved through work schemes can only be used on Ofsted registered professionals.  You can check if a registerered Childcare Professional registration is still valid  by calling Ofsted on 0845 640 4040 or visiting, and providing them with a unique reference number (which appears on the childcare professionals most recent registration certificate).

How do I become Ofsted registered?

In order to become Ofsted registered, first things first you need to ensure you have Public Liability Insurance in place. This insurance helps to protect you as a professional nanny should anything happen to the children whilst in your care. The next step is you need to take a Paediatric First Aid Course and Common Core and Knowledge Skills Course which offer here. Once you have completed these courses, you are then allowed to sign up and register on The cost of registering with Ofsted is £103 plus £52.10 which covers your DBS check (formally known as CRB). You have to take a DBS check through Ofsted, no other DBS checks will be allowed. Just incase Ofsted find out, make sure you take the courses before you register, because you maybe rejected from registering. 

More information?

If you are a job seeker on and you would like to become Ofsted registered then all the information you need can be found on the Ofsted website, and on our blog. This is also a great and easy guide to how to become Ofsted registered thanks to Babyem, watch the clip here.