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Childminder basics

  • A registered Childminder is a common alternative to care from a relative or Nanny. The care is more affordable than a Nanny but offers the same home based advantages. There are around 75,000 registered Childminders in the UK.
  • A Childminder, as defined by The Children’s Act of 1989, is a person who looks after one or more children under the age of eight for more than a total of two hours a day on domestic premises (other than the child's own home), for reward. This normally means the Childminder's own home. Childminders are required by law to be registered with Ofsted (Office for Standards in Education), you should ask to see your Childminders current Ofsted registration certificate. Your Childminder may also be registered with the PACEY (Professional Association for Childcare and Early Years).
  • A Childminder cares for children in the Childminders own home. The place of care will be inspected by Ofsted. Details of inspections are published on Ofsted’s website.
  • Ofsted policies state that to pass registration and inspections a registered Childminder and all other members of their household over 16 must hold a clear DBS disclosure. Childminders are interviewed and their home inspected. They must complete a registration course and first aid training.
  • Your Childminders Ofsted registration certificate will detail how many children may be cared for in the childminders home at anytime. This may be up to 6 children.
  • Your Childminder may be able to administer medication for you if qualified to do so but you should always ask and check yourself. If this is the case your Childminder will keep a diary of what has been administered and when, including non prescription medication.

Childminder policies

  • A registered Childminder will have a list of policies on childcare, individual to that Childminder, as well as an Ofsted certificate. You should request to see both.
  • Your Childminders policies will tell you whether they provide the child’s meals, provide nappies, do school runs and after school care, and should state that they will provide stimulating play for the children, and if they will help with homework. The policies may also include your Childminders hours for dropping off and collection, any additional charges e.g. for meals or nappies, holiday and holiday pay policy if applicable.
  • Make sure you read, understand and agree the policies with your Childminder.

Childminder rates and charges

  • Cost depends on the registered Childminders demand, location, experience and possibly the number of children in the Childminders care at any one time.
  • Quarterly statistics for registered Childminders average rates can be found here.

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