What is a Nanny share? How can I save money with a Nanny share?

Nannies can be expensive but are often the more economical choice when looking after more than one child. allows you to find other local families that want to share a Nanny and share the costs. You can sign up to receive Nanny share alerts for your area when you register as a parent. If you have already registered with you can opt to receive Nanny share alerts by clicking on “My account” and selecting “Contact me about Nanny share”.

Nanny share basics

  • A Nanny share means two or more families share the same Nanny during the same hours in one of the families own homes. The families share the Nanny costs.
  • The Nanny will earn a normal nanny salary but the costs are divided evenly between each family. Often sharing a nanny is a more affordable alternative to a nursery or Childminder with the advantage of being in your own or another family’s home.
  • Nanny salaries are normally between £7 and £12 per hour. Tax and NI is paid on top. The Nanny salary is dependent on the Nannies experience, the number of children in their care, and the number of hours per day required. Fewer hours normally require a higher hourly rate.

Finding your perfect Nanny

For more information about finding your Nanny, Nanny salaries and Nanny duties read our looking for a Nanny advice page.

Paying your Nanny taxes with Payroll

When you’ve found your perfect Nanny you’ll need to consider how to calculate their wages and pay their tax which can be complicated and time consuming. We have our very own Payroll service to help make paying your Nanny taxes easier for you. We also recommend that you read our helpful information for parents employing and paying Nannies. Want to find out more? Then email us:

What to do next…

We advise all candidates and families to discuss and agree all expectations before commencing employment. Make sure you read our helpful interview tips for parents. If you are a nanny you can download our sample Nanny CV for free.