Interview Tips for Childcare Professionals

Like any job interview, be prepared

As interview day approaches, ensure you have all the required documentation with you (C.V., DBS (formerly known as CRB) check, written references, certificates for courses you have taken). Have answers for questions like; what do you do if a baby is choking? What kind of diet should the child have? How do you entertain children you work with?

Do your homework and find out as much about the family and children before the interview, so you can go in having already prepared your answers.

First impressions count

Always dress smartly and maintain a good posture. Eye contact is key throughout the interview process.

Turn your mobile phone off

The last thing you want is your phone blaring midway through the interview. Turn it off, not on vibrate, off.

Use a voicemail and email address that sound professional

Keep it professional, no music or jokes.

Be aware of your online social profile

Parents will check Facebook, Twitter etc. make sure that your privacy settings are configured accordingly, and that any photo's, comments or video's will not tarnish your reputation as a Childcare Professional.

Print out directions and arrive early

Directions should be printed off in advance and write any notes to help you. Get to the location 20 minutes to allow for any travel interruptions along the way, but knock on the door on time, or even better, 5 minutes early.

Never speak badly of a former employer

Simple. Just don't.

Good luck with your interview!