Need a contract with your Nanny, Au Pair or Housekeeper? Use our free contract!

About our free Nanny contract and your responsibilities

At our mission is to make the experience of searching for childcare as simple and as safe as possible for parents, childcare candidates, and childcare agencies.

When you’ve found your perfect Childcare Professional, Nanny, Au Pair, Housekeeper you’ll need to take him / her on as an employee and pay his / her wages. You’ll need a formal contract, that’s why we’ve provided this contract for you to use free of charge. Please feel free to copy the contract below and to add your employees details.

Don’t forget that when you pay your new employee you’ll need to calculate his / her PAYE Tax and National Insurance as his / her employer. You have a couple of options – doing it yourself (this can be hard work and time consuming), using an accountant (can be expensive), or using a specialist agency. If you need help calculating your nanny taxes and National Insurance, we have our very own payroll service. Using this service means that we can do all the hard work for you.  Click here for further information.

Our model contract is free to use

The contract below is designed for families wishing to employ Childcare Professionals. Once completed both the employee and the Employer should keep a signed copy of the final agreed contract.

The following additional clauses could be considered for the contract if applicable:

  • Any babysitting arrangements, or weekend work
  • House rules e.g. no smoking, use of telephone, visiting friends
  • Dress code
  • Use of a car
  • Petrol allowance if the child carer employee intends to use his / her own car
  • Family holiday arrangements if the employee is required to join the family




(1) ("the Employer")

(2) ("the Child carer")

Our agreement with you:

It is agreed that the Employer will employ the [child carer e.g. nannyL] on the following terms and conditions:

A. Terms of Employment

  • The [child carer e.g. nanny] is employed to work at the Employer's home at or such other agreed place(s) as the Employer and the [child carer e.g. nanny] have agreed at the time of interview. The employment will commence on (date) and will not coincide with any previous employment.
  • The details of [child carer e.g. nanny] duties are: (be specific, e.g. homework tuition, cooking, cleaning duties, driving, school run, potty training, weaning, bottle sterilization, teaching a second language, taking your child to swimming lessons, organizing play dates, keeping a daily activities and progress diary etc)






  • The [child carer e.g. nanny] working days will normally be: ________________ between the hours of __________________ and __________________. But should the Employer require additional hours of work, the [child carer e.g. nanny] may work at the rate of £** an hour, agreed by the Employer and [child carer e.g. nanny].
  • Unless prevented by illness or injury the [child carer e.g. nanny]

(a) shall devote the whole of their time, attention and ability, both during normal working hours and during such other reasonable additional hours as may be agreed between the Employer and [child carer e.g. nanny], for the performance of her duties for the employer, and

(b) follow all lawful instructions of the Employer,

(c) not perform any paid or unpaid work for any third party without the prior written consent of the Employer.