Babysitter basics, Babysitter duties, and Babysitter salary

Advice for parents looking for local Babysitters

Babysitting isn’t just a pocket money job for sixth formers! There are a lot of highly qualified Childcarers available for Babysitting jobs.

Everybody needs some time off now and again and a lot of people have family or friends close by that will babysit regularly for occasional nights out. But what if your regular family Babysitter can’t make it or you want to go out with your friends that normally babysit? Finding a Babysitter in London in particular can be a terrifying prospect, with so many young parents without family close at hand. That’s why is here, to help you find a Babysitter in your local area, that you can trust.

A lot of highly qualified Nannies in London are available for Babysitting in the evening. For example you can find highly qualified Babysitters in Richmond, Hampstead and Camden as easily as in Aberdeen, Birmingham, Liverpool, Leeds, Manchester, and Nottingham. Just enter your postcode to find a babysitter near you.

Looking for Babysitting work? You’ve come to the right place create your own babysitting profile and find jobs in your area today.

As with all Childcare Professionals we recommend that you carefully select your perfect Babysitter candidate and check his / her references yourself.

Babysitter duties and Babysitting basics;

  • Babysitters must be at least 16 years of age
  • Babysitters normally work evenings from about 5pm to 7pm when the parents are getting ready to go out until they come home again
  • What does a Babysitter do? A Babysitter’s duties will sometimes include clearing up the children’s dinner and getting the children ready for and into bed
  • A Babysitter may have weekend duties or during the day, possibly alongside a mother – this is normally called; Mother's Help and is a junior Nanny. So a babysitter may be given normal Nanny duties
  • Make sure you leave your emergency contact numbers and that your Babysitter has your phone number and knows where you are going. This gives you peace of mind if nothing else
  • Talk your Babysitter though the kids normal evening routine and show him / her where to find everything he / she will need
  • Show them where the kettle is and where to find the tea and biscuits

How much should you pay a babysitter?

  • Babysitters normally charge from £5.50 to £10 per hour. For example a 16 year old babysitter with little childcare experience will cost £5.50 or £6 per hour.
  • A professional Nanny with 5 or more years experience and qualifications will expect a closer to £10 per hour for babysitting.
  • Further detail on costs from our Annual Report can be found here

We advise all candidates and families to discuss and agree all expectations before commencing employment.